Where would you like to be in 10 years?

On April 4, 2028, I am working as a chemical engineer while a part time music teacher in a different type of school; preferably technical schools or schools who focuses mostly on major subjects. Early on that day, I ate my favorite pan de sal with butter and a hot cup of coffee before heading to the school. I should hate teaching but I have always wanted to share music as a different matter. Not only for backgrounds, but for breaking its parts for people to know what it actually is.

Tuesday. I should be doing a good work, but instead I am trying to finish all of my paper works to be passed on that week; I didn’t want to be loaded of work once I come back after a long week (or 2) for being out of school just to hit on Japan and see the cherry blossoms bloom.

The time lunch-break hits, I tried to focus on my meal and my environment. It has been a few days since most of us inside the school have been trying to finish all of the week’s work. But the time we get to finish one, another comes.

I didn’t chose this trip as a vacation. It was something different. A celebration. Most likely to be a wedding, an opening, a promotion, or a reunion with people I have met before. I should have a valid reason the time 2 p.m. came.

The director asks “what would be the reason of your absence on this week?”

“I am going to an important event” I should answer.

“Have you prepared a make-up test to keep the students to have something for your class.”

“I did,” I replied. Something to keep them in my class? A portfolio about their chosen composer from the renaissance. Pop music is new and revolutionary, but this time something others would find boring is something that is extremely extraordinary.

“You can give the other details to the HROD, so they can track.”

After that conversation, it was decided. I can leave for April 5th early in the morning straight to Japan.

The bloom of cherry blossom in Nagoya, Japan.

That was the day of continuation of my travelogue. After 3 years. A big surprise.

On that year, I met someone who wanted to be with me.

A concept.

Big love ♥

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