(Who am I) and (What am I doing here)

It’s funny when it comes to writing facebook posts, it is a lot easier. I’d talk a lot about unity, eagerness, anger, upsets, emotions in a set, dummy and hoax news, links, and whatsoever that can attract a lot of users online. Even when I’m speaking nonsense, it was the easiest thing without actually humiliating myself – except, that I sound like an utter moron every time I do it.

Hello, my name is Patricia. But most of the time I am more accepted with my pen name historia. I was born in a small house from a small city, and a small country (as what I see) in the year 1999. Writing was never a passion until I accidentally watched Gayle Forman’s book turned into a movie titled “If I Stay”. It was the very first time I had the urge to actually buy and read the whole book within a month before its own release in the country. And that’s when I continued reading, and approached the love for writing. Except for the fact that as you read this post, I am very terrible with grammar, spelling, and punctuations. But before that, I was a fan of Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Though I had stopped reading and collecting, I am still planning to do a big savings for a big book haul before I move out of senior high school.

My hobbies aren’t all about writing and reading. Mostly, I will be stuck with one thing that seems fascinating but once I get bored, I will start looking for an old hobby. Like for example, I was writing a chapter. If it did not turn out well or it does not fit the whole story (I have this weird perfectionism by the way), I will go back to sitting in the corner reading a book OR scrolling in amazon or lazada for guitars or ukuleles or even violins.

But what the heck am I even doing here? I learned about wordpress not later than 2015 when I saw one of the people in facebook running a blog that is also powered by wordpress in a free subscription. But at that time I have no serious purpose for writing. When I reached eleventh grade, we had reading and writing as a subject around first semester. After returning the recent quiz, my teacher complimented my writing, and that I should start making a blog and write about things that I do enjoy.

Well, I did. But in the first few weeks all I did was design and prepare the whole layout of the website/blog itself. I did not even have any clear ideas about prompts and whatsoever. My prose were made out of imagination and hopes of the past self. When I reached the first week of January 2017, I had the urge to start the weekly writing. I got pressured, that even my savings screwed up. So I ended up deleting everything.

Looking back to old facebook posts, I got so hyped with their hikes, travels, and talks to people. I even subscribed to different blogs like herbravesoul. That’s when I woke up – in the middle of the night – and actually started to think about what to write, and what to share. Words aren’t simply made to be said and read. It is also to be shared and understood. Honestly, as I am writing, I needed to finish a commentary paper with a minimum of 2 pages in Calibri 11 about the movie The Theory of Everything.

So I guess that is all that I have to share for now.

Until the next post!
Big Love ♥



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