Just this morning before I head to school to register myself. I had a thought what I can do when the class starts – yes, you’ve read that right; can. I thought about improvement and focus, so I could immediately fix my plans for a post graduation vacation in South Korea (ambitions). But I know, foreign country vacations does not include in my high school list – and will never happen due to very expensive cost of plane ticket, passport, hotel, and other necessity.
That may suck, but let’s all cheer up. Those things can wait, and besides, I still need to save some cash for those kind of events. 

Honestly, I got nervous. Seriously numb, anxious, and terrified, kind of nervous. That my hard work during our summer class wouldn’t pay off. I’m scared that my mom, would definitely be in an unexplained why I did not made it. 

But good news! I PASSED OUR SUMMER CLASS, and I WAS ABLE TO ENROLL FOR OUR 12TH GRADE. Which makes me more excited because we will be joining the film fest, and I am in a test if I can handle my horrible trigger of anxiety.  

To top of it all, good luck to me. To my last year of high school. To my last year of dependency. 

And may the odds be ever in our favor.

Big Love ♥


A proof, just in case yall think I’m lying.


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