IMG20180106130711Hello, and welcome to my blog! My name is Patricia Mae and I decided to run this little page to share my pathetic writing relatively poetry, journal, travelogue, and bucket list (?).

I am mostly passionate with music, screen writing, and hoarding things like stationeries and books. Fortunately, I am enrolled in T.I.P. Manila as chemical engineer student, and hoping to take up Environmental for my master’s degree.

One of my hobbies is playing musical instruments. I started playing the guitar when I was in 5th grade, not because I wanted to but I was in the hopes of having a musical instrument just once in my life. So it happened that a few years later I ended up learning more. Keyboard (that’s a lot like the piano), violin, ukulele, and flute. But some learning comes to a hiatus and not an end. Music plays a vital role in me even though I am not a prodigy.

And I believe that even if you were a part of a copy, you are still definitely different. Which is the best thing ever.