The Blog

whyonearthdoiexist is a personal blog which consists of travel, thoughts, beauty, and whatever comes out as an idea. The idea of running a blog first came to my teacher in 11th grade (s/o to her because she’s one of the best!) and I thought of why not giving it a try? So here it is, and hoping you will have a good stay here 🙂 ♥

The Owner

The Nocturnal Pig is an anonymous part time writer in its own blog, and is currently studying as a senior high school in Philippines. The owner’s favorite past time is either sleeping, reading, organizing things, watching makeup tutorials, and even listing down new must read books (even though there’s currently a lot of unread books in the shelf), etc. TNP also loves to watch movies and writes a vast amount of plots for short films.

At the same time with the hobbies, TNP listens a lot to music especially to Adele, Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, and Ariana Grande, etc.